Maneuvering Time and Place: The Poetry of Manuel Maples Arce

Forbes, Diane J.

454 pages – in English

ISBN: 978-1-949938-16-6
Library of Congress Control Number: 2022937210

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«Estridentismo», the Manuel Maples Arce avant-garde movement in Mexico, was an energetic disruption which brought the Mexican Revolution to the arts, and brought the Mexican literary community into the XX century.
Manuel Maples Arce was a driving force in the modernization of Mexican poetry in the 1920s, and his complete work, spanning more than six decades, is of a value that should create for him a respected place among the most prominent Latin American poets of the twentieth century.
In this study, historical literary references and connections are made to aid the reader in placing the Maples Arce work in relevant context to gauge his merit and to justify his place in Hispanic letters.
An introduction to the historical avant- garde is given to provide the necessary background and context, especially for the English-language readership, and an overview of «Estridentismo» is included both for the sake of information and to rectify errors and omissions in some past criticism. It is the aim of this study to illustrate the cohesiveness and the trajectory of the Maples Arce complete poetry.
The introduction sets «Estridentismo» in the context of the historical avant-garde and modern poetry.
Chapter Two analyzes the first volume of his poetry in the Estridentismo period, Andamios Interiores (1922), in which Maples Arce shows us his style and outlook and presents the basic problem dealt with in all of his poetry. The persona in these poems, the «yo,» appears to be a poet, and may or may not be an autobiographical representation of Maples Arce.
The use of the terms «protagonist» and «persona» throughout the study to refer to this voice. In a world where nothing seems to last, where everything seems to slip through his hands, the protagonist of the poems strives to overcome separation and transitoriness, to achieve union and permanence: this is the main issue in the Maples Arce poetry.
The poems present in a variety of ways the protagonist situations of loneliness and separation from a loved one, and often a sense of dissociation from some ideal harmonious world, even in the midst of exciting modernity.
This close study of the poems, with textual analysis, is absolutely necessary in order to gain a true understanding of Maples contribution to modern poetry. The analysis of the poems presents the idea of a destruction/creation dichotomy or cycle which spans the Maples Arce poetic work.
An examination of the complete poetry, as collected in Las semillas del tiempo, (for a bilingual Spanish-English edition see Stockcero, 2022, ISBN 978-1-949938-16-6) hows how this thematic thread runs through all of the poems and explains the continuity which exists from beginning to end of the Maples Arce career. The study shows the maturation and evolution of an accomplished poet, whose work has withstood the test of time and belongs among the best of the century.
Diane J. Forbes
(PhD, Penn State University)
Associate Professor of Spanish
Rochester Institute of Technology


  • From Time to Timelessness: the Poetry of Manuel Maples Arce

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