El CId
Songs of The Cid — The Epic Poem the Romances and the Carmen Campidoctori


284 - in English
Translation & Foreword
Dan Veach
ISBN: 978-1-949938-11-1
Library of Congress Control Number: 2022931949

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For the first time ever, three dramatically different perspectives on Spain’s national hero, El Cid

The epic Song of The Cid, one of the highlights of world literature, gallops across the fields of Spain in the most brilliant English translation yet.
The Carmen Campidoctoris, penned by a monk in Catalonia, was written while the Cid was still alive.
The Romances of the Cid are folk ballads that, like today’s Star Wars spinoffs, fill in the gaps with prequels and sequels, adding drama (and yes, romance) to El Cid’s amazing story.

This three-dimensional view of El Cid is tripled yet again, with an unprecedented series of three beautifully matched volumes: this powerful English rendition, a fine modern Spanish version, and authoritative editions of the original medieval texts. Faithful translations and in-depth introductions make these ideal for both students and general readers, in English or in Spanish.

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Created by an award-winning American poet and renowned Spanish scholars, these Songs of the Cid are a landmark event in Hispanic literary studies. A must-have for every college and university collection!

Dan Veach, the founding editor of Atlanta Review, one of the leading international poetry journals, has been honored with the Willis Barnstone Translation Prize. His book of Iraqi war poetry, Flowers of Flame (Michigan State University Press, 2008) won an Independent Publisher’s Book Award. His translation of all the major Anglo-Saxon poetry, Beowulf & Beyond, has just appeared from Lockwood Press. Mr. Veach’s own poetry has been published and performed worldwide, from Oxford University in England to People’s University in Beijing.