Publisher of Spanish & Latin American Books for the North American Market

Editorial de libros Españoles y Latino Americanos para el mercado Norteamericano

Founded in year 2000 and incorporated in Florida, USA, as Stockcero, Inc. is a book publishing company, specialized in Peninsular Spanish & Latin American Literature and Academic Essays, both in Spanish and English.

Our mission is to support Spanish & Latin American literature and to enhance the role of books as Spanish & Latin American culture vectors in the English speaking countries.

Our goal is to publish high quality works in editions under two imprints: StockCero Course Editions, conceived to help teaching Spanish and Latin American Literature to non-Spanish speaking students, and Stockcero Academia, peer reviewed Academic Monographs, Dissertations, Thesis and Essays Collections.

Our books are printed on demand in the US and UK, and distributed worldwide, so once a title is included in our catalogue there is a limitless supply of copies, delivered without delay.

Advisory Board

The Following Faculty Members help fulfill the SpanishBookPress Mission by
• defining the titles to be brought back into print
• setting the character and extent of the forewords and notes
• controlling the academic standards of the publications.
• selecting the peer reviewers

Dr. Mary G. Berg, Brandeis University
prof. Jaime Concha, University of California - San Diego
Dr. Mark Paul Del Mastro, College of Charleston
Dr. César de Vicente Hernando, Universidad de Almería - IN MEMORIAM
Dr. Jean Paul Duviols, Université de Paris IV Sorbonne - Iberian and Latin-Americain Studies Department
Dr. Miguel A. Fernández, Middlebury College
Dr. Malva E. Filer, CUNY
Dr. David William Foster, Arizona State University – IN MEMORIAM
Dr. Víctor Fuentes, University of California - Santa Barbara
Dr. Luis Leal, University of California - Santa Barbara – IN MEMORIAM
Dr. Flor María Rodríguez Arenas, Colorado State University - Pueblo
Dr. Asima F. X. Saad Maura, Haverford College
Dr. Ivan A. Schulman, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — IN MEMORIAM
Dr. Lee Joan Skinner, Associate Professor, University of Kansas
Dr. Saúl Sosnowski, Director, Office of International Programs, University of Maryland
Dr. Juan Pablo Spicer-Escalante, Utah State University

Literary Editors

The following Academics have contributed to our editions:
  • Adolfo Campoy-Cubillo
  • Adriana Mendez Rodenas
  • Alba del Pozo García
  • Alberto Montaner Frutos
  • Ana María Hernández
  • Ana Rueda
  • Ángel Escobar
  • Anne Fountain
  • Anne Pasero
  • Antonio M. Rueda
  • Asima F.X. Saad-Maura
  • Audrey Harris
  • Bárbara D. Riess
  • Benjamin Fraser
  • Borja Rodriguez-Gutierrez
  • Carmen Pereira-Muro
  • Carolina Fernández Cordero
  • Catharina Vallejo
  • Cesar de Vicente Hernando †
  • Claire Emilie Martin
  • Clara Ronderos
  • Claude Cymerman
  • Constantin C. Icleanu
  • Dan Veach
  • Darrell B. Lockhart
  • David K. Herzberger
  • Debra A. Castillo
  • Diane J. Forbes
  • Eilene Powell
  • Eleanor Marsh
  • Elizabeth Garrels
  • Ester Bastián
  • Flor María Rodríguez-Arenas
  • Francisco Morán
  • Graciela Michelotti
  • Ignacio López Calvo
  • Iraida H. Lopez
  • Isabel Clúa Ginés
  • Ivan A. Schulman
  • J. P. Spicer-Escalante
  • Jaime Concha
  • Jean-Paul Duviols
  • Jesus Jambrina Pérez
  • Jonathan Alcantar
  • Jordi Massó Castilla
  • Jorge Camacho
  • Juan Herrero-Senés
  • Juan Pablo Dabove
  • Kyra A. Kietrys
  • Laura Kanost
  • Luis Cuesta
  • Luis Deltell
  • Luis Leal
  • Madeline Camara Betancourt
  • Maite Zubiaurre
  • Malva Filer
  • Maria E. Villamil
  • Maria Eugenia Mudrovcic
  • María Luisa Pérez Bernardo
  • María Nelly Goswitz
  • Maria Zalduondo
  • Mary G. Berg
  • Monica Agrest
  • Mónica Cárdenas
  • Montserrat Ribao Pereira
  • Nuria Godón
  • Olga Fernandez Latour de Botas
  • Oswaldo Voysest
  • Patricia Nisbet Klingenberg
  • Paul Southern
  • Rafael Rodriguez-Henriquez
  • Raquel Gutierrez Sebastian
  • Raul Neira
  • Rhonda Dahl Buchanan
  • Rita María Tejada
  • Robert Rudder
  • Rocío Zalba y Hugo Medrano
  • Saul Sosnowski
  • Silvia Roig
  • Susan Hallstead
  • Susan Larson
  • Tania de Miguel Magro
  • Tatiana Bubnova
  • Thomas Ward
  • Tracy K. Lewis
  • Victor Fuentes
  • Wendy Kurtz
  • Yosálida Rivero-Zaritzky

Design & Layout

We love beautiful, well constructed books.
Our books are set in elegant Granjon ™ type, on fixed-grid-based pages, far appart from the horrid product of non-professional desktop publishing.

Paper & Cover Stock

Our black & white books interiors are printed on natural shade opaque Crème 50lb. acid-free, library quality paper.
Our full color books interiors are printed on opaque White 70/lb./ 105gsm acid-free, library quality paper.
Covers are printed on a bright white 90lb. cover stock, finished with either gloss or matte laminate.
Harcover's Dust jackets have 3.25" front/back covers flaps, and are four color printed on bright white 60lb. cover stock, finished with either gloss or matte laminate


Our production is based on the Print on Demand (POD) model, that offers significant economic and environmental advantages over traditional offset manufacturing.
The environmental advantages of utilizing POD technology allow books to be printed to fill an existing demand.
POD lessens the possibility of returns, reduces supply chain waste, greenhouse emissions, and conserves valuable natural resources.
Our sharp graphics and crisp text make it virtually impossible to distinguish our on-demand books from offset copies.
Our printing partners' facilities are equipped with the most advanced technology, delivering highest quality world-class products, both in black & white and in full color.

Trim Size & Binding

We have standardized our black & white catalogue in the best readable, trade 6" X 9" size, and our full color books in 8.5" x 11".
We offer both Paperback and Hardcover bound books.
Paperback books are perfect bound, with covers printed on bright white 90lb. cover stock, finished with either gloss or matte laminate.
Dust-jacketed Hardcovers, have end leaves glued into hardback cases, book-blocks are dressed with headbands and foot-bands and bound into a 100% cotton fabric with acrylic-filled coating cover in patriot blue or slate gray.
Full color Dust jackets have 3.25" front/back covers flaps.