Publisher of Spanish & Latin American Books for the North American Market

Editorial de libros Españoles y Latino Americanos para el mercado Norteamericano

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The Stockcero catalogue comprises a large and ever-expanding list of titles regarded as classics of the Spanish Peninsular and Latin American literature.
A series of important books are being brought back into print with modern readers and students in mind, and thus including updated footnotes, prefaces, and bibliographies.

The benefits of adopting STOCKCERO editions for your courses are:

Carefully checked original texts
• Forewords by highly regarded Literary Editors
• Footnotes aimed at US readers & students
• Comprehensive bibliographies
• Ever-expanding catalogue
• Library quality paper & binding
• Copies immediately available through every College bookstores in the US, no wait, no hassle.
• Online Reading (requires the purchase of an Access Card)
• Refundable Evaluation Copies (just the books, not handling & shipping charges) are 100% refundable within the following 12 months provided a purchase order for at least 10 copies is placed by the bookstores fulfilling your course's needs)
• Free Desk Copies (just the Books, not handling & shipping charges. Requires proof of adoption and +20 copies P.O. from a bookstore)