Publisher of Spanish & Latin American Books for the North American Market

Editorial de libros Españoles y Latino Americanos para el mercado Norteamericano


About us

Where are you located ?

Our offices are in Miami, FL.
Our printers and warehouses are in Tennessee and Pennsylvania, USA, and in London, UK.


Are all the titles in your catalog available for online reading?

No, most of them are, however some titles are still covered by publishing agreements that do not allow this.
We expect to add an Online Access clause to these agreements in the future.
If there is a particular title you would like to access online please let us know, your request may help us convince the copyright holders.

Do you have backlisted titles ?

No, all our titles are in print and readily available.


Can I access more than one book with my Access Card?

Each «Card» grants you access just to the title it was purchased for. With your User ID and Password you may purchase as many cards as you wish.
All your purchased titles will be featured in your «Bookshelf», from where you will be able to access them freely for 12 months, one at a time, though.
You may renew each subscription at the end of its period, and you may upgrade to a printed copy by paying the difference at any time.

Can I access my bookshelf from different devices?

Yes you can, as long as you do so in successive, not simultaneous, sessions.
Overlapping logins from different devices are not allowed.

Can I allow a friend to access the books on my Online Bookshelf?

Yes you can, by lending him your User ID (email address) and Password.
As simultaneous accesses are not possible, you will not be able to access your bookshelf while your friend does.

Can I download a book to read it offline ?

No, the Access Card allows just online reading.

Can I print the book ?

No, the application does not allow printing.
You may either capture the screen, or upgrade to a printed copy by just paying the difference while keeping the original access rights.

Do I need a special application to read your books online ?

No, any Internet browsing capable device, iPad/iPhone or Android based smartphones or tablets, no App required, will suffice. Also computers with browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. with Adobe Flash Plugin 10.0 or above installed will do.

How can transfer the Access Card from an old computer to a new computer ?

There is no need to transfer anything.
Just login with your username and password from any Internet browsing device: computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

How do I change the highlight color in the online books ?

"The default highlight color is Blue.
To change the color of a specific highlighted area:
1-Pick the Highlight tool and click once over the highlighted area
2-A note window will appear. In the bottom right corner you will see a color box that allows changing the color of the highlighted area.
3-Close the note window by clicking on he upper right cross.
4-Click the No option to keep the mark

How do I remove a highlight ?

Pick the Highlight tool and click over the highlighted area once.
A note window will appear.
1-Close the note window by clicking on he upper right cross.
2-Click the Yes option to delete the mark

I have upgraded the Flash Player to version 13 and now I cannot access the books.

It is a particular bug in Flash Player 13 and some Macs created between 2006 and 2008. The recommended solution is to reverse the upgrade and install version 12 untill Adobe solves this problem. Adobe has released a notice about this problem see

Is there any difference between the online and printed versions of your books ?

No, besides the media they are identical

What happens after I complete the order for an Access Card ?

If you are new to the system you will receive two emails:
• one with a USER ID and Password confirmation link you must click to confirm your enrollment, and
• a second email with the details of your purchase.
You will also be redirected to Paypal.
You will be able to access the book of your choice as soon as you complete the Paypal payment process.
Paypal will also confirm your payment with an email.

Why does my reading session suddenly break down ?

Your Online Access Agreement stipulates that you may access your bookshelf from any device, but just from one device at a time.
Simultaneous accesses are not allowed, so a second login by the same User will automatically logout the first one.

Will the bookmarks, highlights and notes I placed disappear if I logout ?

No, the marks you make are kept in the device you use to access the online book.


Do you accept Purchase Orders ?

Yes, we do, from registered Bookstores and Libraries

Do you grant quantity discounts ?

We have a Group Purchase discount policy for +20 copies orders.
Please email your request to

Do you offer trade discounts ?

We do have a trade discount for bookstores, send an email to

How do I register a Bookstore or Library ?

First you must go to and fill-in the Bookstore or Library Registration Form.
You will receive a confirmation email with a USERNAME and PASSWORD you must use to place Online Purchase Orders.
This USERNAME and PASSWORD is unique and personal for the purchase official placing the POs.

How does a Bookstore/Library register additional purchase officials ?

The already registered Purchase Official must send an email to sales@ asking for a second account access, stating the name and email address of this person.
We will send an email to this new address an additional USERNAME and PASSWORD linked to the Bookstore or Library account


Do you give free Desk Copies ?

For every 20 copies bought by a teaching institution bookstores 
we will ship one free copy (a $ 10.- fee for handling & shipping will be charged) to the class Professor.

To request your Desk Copy please click the appropriate button and fill-in the form.

Do you give free Evaluation Copies ?

Evaluation copies are available under special conditions to college professors, instructors or administrative staff seeking titles to review for adoption consideration.

To request refundable* evaluation copies
 please fill-in the appropriate form.
After you check out make sure you keep the invoice number.
You will need this number to request the refund when the time comes.
* Books (not handling & shipping charges)


How much do you charge for publishing ?

A nominal review fee of $ 500.- will be charged for Academic Monograph peer reviews.
We only publish Board approved works, that have also been granted a Subsidy by an Academic Institution
Depending on the extent of the Project the requested subsidy ranges fron $ 2500.- to $ 5.000.-
This amount covers the manuscript evaluation, layout design, typesetting, cataloguing, printing of copies for the US Library of Congress, and 6 copies sent to the Author/Literary Editor. If once the publishing is decided, the Author or Literary Editor decides to engage in some book promotion activities, that may require additional financing.
This will be clearly exposed to the author when the circumstances arrive.


How do I post a review ?

Just click «Post reviews and suggestions» under the «Evaluate» menu.
This feature requires affiliation to a teaching institution, so be sure to include the information in your profile.

What is not allowed in a review?

While we appreciate your time and comments, we reserve the right to remove reviews at any time without notice if the content includes any of the following:

Objectionable material
— Obscene or distasteful content
— Profanity or spiteful remarks

Promotional content
— Advertisements, promotional material or repeated posts that make the same point excessively
— Sentiments by or on behalf of a person or company with a financial interest in the edition or a directly competing edition(including reviews by publishers, authorsrs, or third-party merchants selling the product)
— Reviews written for any form of compensation other than a free copy of the product
— Solicitations for helpful votes

Inappropriate content
— Other people's material
— Phone numbers, postal mailing addresses, or URLs external to
— Details about availability, price, or alternate ordering/shipping
— Comments on other reviews visible on the book's page (because page visibility is subject to change without notice)

Off-topic information
— Feedback on the seller, shipment experience, or the packaging (you can do this by mailing
— Feedback about typos or inaccuracies in our catalog (instead mail

Who can post book reviews?

Anyone affiliated to a teaching institution. All we ask is that you follow a few simple rules.


Do you ship via courier (FedEx, DHL) to destinations outside Europe?

We may do so, at your request.
But please take into account that the couriers’ charges to those destinations are extremely high.
Please contact us at for special shipping specifications.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, within Continental USA we ship either through UPS Ground (optional, at a charge) or through US Mail (non trackable, free).
To Canada we ship via Purolator.
To European destinations, both UK and the Continent, we ship through DHL.
To the rest of the world we ship via Mail (non trackable, at a charge).

How long will it take for the books to reach me?

Within the Continental US the books may take from 72 hours (UPS option) to 7 days (free simple mail).
To European destinations, both UK and the Continent, one week through DHL.
To the rest of the world it depends on the destination country’s mailing system.