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Editorial de libros Españoles y Latino Americanos para el mercado Norteamericano

Literary Editions

Better Spanish Literature editions mean better courses, happier students
An ever expanding collection of signifficant books, comprising Spanish and Latin American literature, history, economics, and cultural studies. High quality editions conceived with modern readers and students in mind, including updated footnotes, prefaces and bibliographies.

Academic Editions

Better Academic editions enhance your Spanish Literature career
Publishing is the surest way to advance your academic career. Since 2001 STOCKCERO has built a highly regarded catalog and a solid reputation of publishing excellence, based upon the many academics who have trusted us their manuscripts.

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A combination of Academics, Literary Editors and Publishers whose combined efforts seek to enhance worldwide students' interest in Spanish Culture by offering them High Quality Spanish Literature and Academic Editions.

Online Library

Aimed primarily at students but that will change the way our books are bought, even by paper loving readers. Through an Access Card you may now read online an exact version of the book of your choice. Not an eBook, or a Kindle version, but the exact same cared layout you will find in our printed editions. An online book that may be bookmarked, highlighted, annotated and that also allows to perform word searches within the text.

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