Publisher of Spanish & Latin American Books for the North American Market

Editorial de libros Españoles y Latino Americanos para el mercado Norteamericano

Evaluation/Desk Copies & Refunds

Before Adoption

Refundable (1) Evaluation Copies:

Evaluation copies are available under special conditions to college professors, instructors or administrative staff seeking titles to review for adoption consideration.

(1) Books (not handling & shipping charges) are 100% refundable within the following 12 months provided a purchase order for at least 10 copies is placed by the bookstores fulfilling your course's needs.


After Adoption

Free Desk Copies:

For every 20 new (2) copies bought by a teaching institution bookstore we will ship one free copy (a $ 10.- fee for handling & shipping will be charged) to the class Professor. To request your Free Desk Copy please please fill-in the following Free Desk Copy request Form.

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Refunds (After Adoption)

To request an Evaluation Copy refund please fill-in the Refund request Form. We will email you a check.

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